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Meet the team


Manager & Head Butcher
Joseph “Freddie” Morris is Hartley Wintney Butchers. Hartley born and bred, Joseph's first job was as a “Saturday lad” at the butchers (then Graves) some 33 years ago. In his spare time (not that he has much these days) Joseph likes to socialise in the village and is an avid Hartley Wintney FC fan. He's a bit of a village legend (so he says).


Mick's been working at HW butchers for the past 5 years, but his career as a butcher goes back some 60 years; working across Hampshire and in London plying his trade in shops, markets and meat vans. In his spare time Mick enjoys fishing, dog walking and spending time with his granddaughter.


Apprentice Butcher
Joseph is the son of Joseph (and, yes, his grandad is called Joseph too). Joseph is the young apprentice, learning the butchery craft (or art of butchery?) from his old man. In his spare time Joseph enjoys football and is a bit of a demon on the guitar.


Deli Sales Manager
Jill runs the deli at HW Butchers and has been behind the counter at the shop for some 20 years now. Jill enjoys gardening and spends alot of her free time in Devon and Cornwall: exploring the area and visiting historic landmarks in the South West.


Deli Sales Assistant
Darcey is our Saturday assistant on the deli counter. She's a student at Robert Mays School and in her spare time enjoys boxing, reading and photography; although interestingly enough she didn't want her photo on here, hence the pickle jars.